No Country for Women

Douchebag Duo - Mulayam and Abu

Douchebag Duo – Mulayam Singh Yadav and Abu Azmi

What on earth is going on here?

First Mulayam Singh Yadav made the remarks of how “boys will be boys” when it comes to rape, and perpetrated the rape myth of how women “friendzone” men and level false rape charges against them. Then Abu Azmi followed suit (for worse) by remarking how survivors are too guilty in rape and should be hanged along with the rapist. And then he had the nerve, after spewing all this bronze age rubbish, to say that “here, nothing happens to the woman..”

(Oh by the way, slight heads up Abu, considering we’re a secular nation – well at least in theory anyway – is it okay if I don’t give a shit about your sickening misogyny, which you present in the guise of “religious belief”? Thank you.)

These are not even worth commenting on. Actually, there is nothing to comment on, you just read the remarks of these two and get depressed. Or queasy. Or both. It’s out there in plain sight.

However, the most horrifying part about this is, how they have absolutely no shame or reservations in making in these remarks. Let that be anyone, politicians or authorities. And this is despite having two of the most publicized rape cases all over the world last year couple of years. Last year, the defense lawyer in the much publicized Delhi Gang rape case, openly said that he would burn his daughter if she were to have premarital sex and urged other parents to adopt the attitude. This is one among more blatantly chilling examples of how deep rape culture and misogyny runs here.

The problem, aside from having such misogynistic windbags like these peddling rape culture, is primarily the social setting that breeds rape culture which gives them the confidence that they could get away with such remarks. They don’t even try to make an effort to hide their vile misogyny. Because they very well know that this is not something that people would react to all that much, and even if they react, they are confident that people will move on. And sadly, they would be right.

We are disproportionately outraged over everything. Over politics. Over religion. Even over cricketers who fail to perform. But what about women? Why should we really care about them? Why should we care about addressing a social system which gives douchebags like these excellent platform to openly promote rape culture without shame?

I guess it’s about time we’ve openly admitted this.

Women, we don’t give a shit about you. Thank you very much.

8 responses to “No Country for Women

  1. So nauseating… these bloody remarks by these men. One out of religious context. We try to question and they chop our heads off.
    In a way it is better for the rape victim to be hanged. She won’t have to live in a world with these MFs.

  2. To the owner of this retarded blog –

    I hope you get falsely accused of rape you traitorous cretin. You will throw your entire gender under the bus just to please the women that you worship, won’t you swine?

    Men like you should be in prison.

    • Oh bro, I’m truly sorry. I sometimes forget that I shouldn’t be a gender traitor and stand for silly bullshit like “women’s rights” or “equality”. I truly didn’t intend to be that gender traitor.

      I shall make a serious effort from now on. Let me begin by saying that rape victims do deserve death penalty. Let me also add that women already have all the equality they want here. Like of course except disproportionate sexual harassment. And rape. And domestic violence. And having to put up with misogynistic douchebags on a daily basis. Among other things. But of course that’s all to be expected, and comes with having born with a vagina. I don’t know what they’re bitching about.

      And what about us men?! God I’m so sick of women having all the privilege. How can I ever thank you for opening my eyes, man.

  3. What a brilliant post. I totally agree with everything that you’ve said. I am truly shocked at how these misogynistic men could hold these crucial jobs of power and authority, and even after they say such remarks, nobody even bats an eye. Like, HELLO!! They should be fired!!! With people in places of authority like these ones, it’s no wonder they don’t care about women’s rights! And of course, it sends out the worst message to society! People need to get these people out of these positions of power, people should be enraged!

  4. but why to blame an entire population of millions for deeds of a few people…i mean just being a feminist wont serve the purpose…will you please let us know what you did except posting these stupid blogs to improve the situation

    • Few people? You think only a “few people” hold misogynistic views in our society? Also extreme forms of misogyny thrives in a society where misogyny is desensitised more or less.

      Second of all, why exactly do I owe you an explanation about anything? And why are you obsessively commenting on my “stupid blog” which is well.. my blog where I write about things I feel like writing about? Why exactly do I have to prove anything to you? I never pretended to do anything in the first place, and if I did, I really don’t have to justify myself to you by explaining what I do. Okay? Okay.

  5. Thanks for writing this. Yes. Disappointment. Disgust. Frustration. This is how all rational people in our country feel. The worst thing is not the crimes themselves, but the reaction to the crimes – ranging from being dismissive to even justifying them. As a culture, we are in so much denial. Right now, the struggle for us to just accept who we are, how misogynistic we are and understand why this is so wrong. I think change is happening but it’s slow – there is so much talk about this in the blogging world – which happens to be a minuscule part of the country – but it’s s start.

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